Anton Vidokle De Cosmos Recreation Center

The project by Arseny Zhilyaev contributes to the research on relationships between an artist, a spectator and a museum institution. Anton Vidokle de Kosmos Recreation Centre is a reflective reconstruction of the de Kosmos sauna. De Kosmos Meditation Centre quartered in the de Appel's building in the 60-90s and provided wide range of classes such as yoga, martial arts, spiritual practices, sauna etc. Thus its main activity lied in the field of self-improving. Another reference is Anton Vidokle's film This is cosmos where author attempts to use red color and LED screens as a tool for body therapy. The combination of two largely opposite interpretations of cosmos, construct conceptual foundation of the new work. In Zhilyaev's installation one can find both a utopian impulse of futuristic amplification of Russian Cosmism with its urge to immortality and a critic towards an ambition of contemporary art institutions to be capable of resolving social and existential contradictions.

Wall Text

Dear Visitor to Planet Earth,
We are pleased to welcome you to our Anton Vidokle De Cosmos Recreation Centre. Here you can enjoy the best concentrated color-wave baths in our rejuvenation sector, the frequencies of which were developed by a collective of resurrected Malevich clones, of the first generation. Excellence of our art is reflected in the eternal and divine love of our clients: a love that originates in a remote past - early 21st century - when Anton Vidokle first presented his therapeutic Red Light exhibition, aboard a NASA intergalactic station.
Recommended duration of the first session is 12 minutes 53 seconds, ET (Earth Time.) To achieve maximum effect, settle comfortably in a cheiz lounge, close your eyes and concentrate on the Deafening Emptiness №47, related to the upward pressure on our ancestors’ laws of nature. After the Deafening Emptiness №47 penetrates your tissue, it is advisable to open your eyes and spend the rest of your session contemplating the movement of the light of Sun-EH3.
The time interval between sessions must not exceed 43 hours 56 minutes 13 seconds, ET (Earth Time.) The duration spent in the concentrated wave baths may be increased in geometric progression, starting with your second visit.
We wish you a pleasant immersion!
Anton Vidokle De Cosmos Recreation Centre Staff