RCC YHV "Memorial Exhibition"

The “Memorial Exhibition” dedicated to father or Russian cosmism Nikolai Fyodorov opened in the Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (VCCA) on Sunday, December 28.

The exposition organized by the Voronezh Rocket and Space Corporation “I Want to Believe” (РКК «ЯХВ») in cooperation with Voronezh artists includes materials about Nikolai Fyodorov’s exhibiting activity in Voronezh land as well as the background of creation of РКК «ЯХВ» at the joint of XX and XXI centuries.

Few people know that father or Russian cosmism Nikolai Fyodorov was among the originators of the Voronezh Museum of Local History. It’s also where he first attempted to implement his museological project. In the end of the XIX century, during his visits to the capital of the Black Soil Region the nationalist organized several exhibition projects that set the foundation for the tradition of memorial and thematic museum events.

– The topic of space is interesting to me, I've touched upon Fyodorov's work in my museology researches, - co-organizer of VCCA Arseny Zhilyayev to the RIA “Voronezh” reporter, - so when we were offered to organize the “Memorial Exhibition”, we agreed right away.

Nowadays, despite the fact that the traditions of artistic innovation, mould-breaking museum interpretation and local history in Voronezh are alive and developing, the works they originated from have been unjustly forgotten.

– During the years of implementation of the Soviet Union space programme, Voronezh was of a great importance, it remained a center of attraction of all those who were dreaming about visiting other planets even in the 90-s, after the collapse of USSR. At the same time, the city also became a center of degradation of the space mythology in the collective consciousness. However, at that time the interest for our region was spurred by the reports of UFO visits. It was the time when the city’s technical clerisy originated the Voronezh Ufologic Community which transformed into the full-fledged Rocket and Space Corporation “I Want to Believe” in the beginning of the XXI century. Today, the rocket and industrial complex is developing, people become more interested in space, and we decided to demonstrate such an exhibition, in which we’ve collected the information about Nikolai Fyodorov and about the history of the corporation itself, to the Voronezh audience. Other artists helped us to organize the exhibition. Working on this exposition is a pleasant and interesting experience for our corporation which would be interesting to continue in other VCCA projects in the following year, - representative of РКК «ЯХВ» Anton Lobovoy told.

Most of the exhibits of the exposition remind a museum of Soviet Union times – the philosopher’s bust surrounded by ficuses, bookshelves with his works. In the large hall there is a prototype of the “library cube” with a hammock lying in which one may read the books of Fyodorov’s collection. “If you compare a storage with a grave, then reading – or rather researching – would be like a way out of the grave, and an exhibition would be like a resurrection”, - Nikolai Fyodorov wrote in Voronezh newspaper “Don” (which can also be found in the exhibition).

A separate hall is dedicated to Lev Solovyov’s works – our city is exactly where Nikolai Fyodorov’ student and artist Lev Solovyov for the first time created the “Resurrecting Museum” and designed the drafts of paintings for his future “Universe Walls”. Another hall contains the materials about the history of Voronezh Ufologic Community.

According to the organizers’ idea, the “Memorial Exhibition” illustrates the faith in the human as the creator of the universe striving for the resurrection of all living and already dead things on Earth – including by creating mould-breaking library museums.

Sofia Uspenskaya